Better quality long term option, great all around saltwater reel. I recommend the 6000

Reels ​​

Best Inshore and freshwater reel, period. I recommend the 


All around great freshwater and inshore reel. The best reel for the price.

I recommend the 2500-4000 

I use Daiwa J Braid for every situation. 10-15lb for fresh and inshore spinning, 30-65lb for baitcasters & 30-50lb for bigger saltwater reels.

Freshwater & Inshore 

Inlet, Bridges, Beaches, Offshore

You've ordered your custom rod, now you need a reel, line, bait and the right clothing!


Great Saltwater Baitcaster for Snook, Tarpon, etc. I recommend

the 400 

This is my personal favorite baitcaster that I have an arsenal full of for everything freshwater. I recommend

the 7:3:1

Best starter saltwater reel & best reel for the money. I recommend the 4000 (equivalent to a 6000 shimano)